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Our Team.

Medilabo RFP team equipped with deep scientific knowledge about Alzheimer's disease, a brilliant strategy to bring light to the drugs, and operational expertise for the most out of clinical studies. At medilabo RFP, we are ready to combat the disease that could impact all of us's lives!

He is well known for his unique Alzheimer's model mouse and a new Tau antibody which have contributed significantly to the research and development of Alzheimer's drugs worldwide.  With his dedication to researching Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases over the last 30 years, he is currently leading Translational Neuroscience research at Osaka Metropolitan University.

He was acknowledged as an outstanding leader in drug development at  Astellas Pharma, led the development of drugs in various areas, and successfully brought drugs to market. 

He also successfully commercialized a gait evaluation system in the medical device field at GE Healthcare. Further, his business plan, “de-risking drug development for Alzheimer’s disease,” was awarded a grand prize from the Graduate School of Management, Globis University.

 He always enjoys engaging in up-to-date discussions with top researchers in Alzheimer’s disease, including NIH scientists, about dementia drug development.


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