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Our small molecule therapeutic candidates, ML 1707 and ML 1808 have shown multiple mode of actions in vitro and in vivo, indicating a strong therapeutic potentials for many neurodegenerative disease and dementia.

By developing a nasal spray, ML 1707 and ML 1808 will greatly improve safety, efficacy, and the compliance with a less invasive and much effective way.

ML 1808 is also being developed for treatment of cognitive impairment caused by menopause and chemotherapy because of it's excellent cognitive enhancement and neuro-protective effects,

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Rifampicin has shown multiple modes of action to prevent neurodegenerative dementia in vitro and in vivo. Also, we reported that rifampicin successfully modifies the cause of ALS and FTD in animal studies.

Rifampicin's strong neuroprotective effect was confirmed by CSF and blood biomarkers in a clinical study in 2021



Resveratrol is a well known polyphenol that possesses a very powerful antioxidant potential. with anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, cardioprotective, vasorelaxant,  and neuroprotective effects. Our in vivo study using Rifampicin/Resveratrol nasal administration showed excellent synergy and safety to prevent neurodegenerative dementia.

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